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This lecture shows you how to turn on the drawing of the backfaces. Sometimes you might want a shader that takes more than one image and then merges them together onto a single surface. In this lecture you will learn how to do this as well as dynamically turn one on and off at runtime.

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In this lecture we will examine the use of another buffer called the Stencil Buffer. This is useful for masking certain pixels to create a variety of effects including XRay Vision and Drawing Holes in walls. The best way to get to understand the stencil buffer is to try it out many different ways. In this lecture we will use the stencil buffer to create a fun optical illusion as well as a dynamic piece of stencil code to let you play with the stencil settings via the Inspector. I'll point out a few of the nuances in the code and then show you how to create your own. Both the vertex shader and fragment shader both deal with vertices and they can both produce colours.

In this lecture we will examine the differences.

In this lecture we will look at how UV values are processed in both the Vert and Frag functions. Towards the end I will show you how to take a screen grab of a scene and use that as a manipulatable material on a plane. This lecture examines how to add a lambert lighting model to create diffuse light. There's no point in having light if you can't have shadows. So let's modify the lighting shader in this lecture to examine how shadows are cast and received.

In this lecture we will examine the use of a vertex shader with a surface shader. The vertex shader will be used to extrude the surface of a mesh for a ballooning effect.

Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg

Outline is a cool effect you can combine with toon shading to get a Borderlands rendered look. In this lecture we will examine two ways to achieve the look. In this lecture we will create everyone's favourite glass. But this glass isn't simply a transparent pane. It includes bump mapping, a stained-glass pattern and light refraction. Once you know how, modifying vertices with mathematical functions can create all sorts of interesting effects.

In this lecture we will examine the sin function for producing waves on the surface of a plane. In this lecture we will examine a simple way to change the UV values of a surface over time to create a texture that rolls over the surface.

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In this lecture we will use more sine functions and lots of them, plus a cosine, pow and squareroot to create some old school plasma to warp across the surface of objects. In this lecture we will learn about the basics of ray marching and use it to render a sphere inside a cube with shader code. In this lecture we will explore further facets of the ray marching algorithm and also calculate per pixel lighting. In this lecture we will begin looking at another way to mathematically represent a sphere and depth test in two places. In this lecture we will use the fog calculating function in the vertex shader to render a ball of volumetric fog.

In this lecture we will look at the Value Noise algorithm that will be used to create clouds as well as begin setting up the cloud environment. In this lecture we begin with an overview of programming predictable random values and write some random functions for the shader.

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In this lecture we complete the writing of the 3d value noise and test out some of its basic functionality. In this lecture we will put the final function together that will combine lighting and cloud density into the shader for your first view of simple clouds. In this lecture we will look at mixing and matching map functions and multiple marches to create better clouds. In this lecture we will complete writing the Clouds. In this lecture we will finished adjusting the existing clouds shader to work when attached to a camera.

In this lecture the camera direction is corrected for the cloud movement and a challenge involving plasma is presented. It covers the mathematics of light and surfaces and steps you through the recreation of some of the most popular shaders. Many computer graphics concepts will be presented to help you understand the graphics pipeline and provide you with an essential toolkit of rendering knowledge, that will have you developing your own transparent, animated and texturised shaders in no time.

But hold on tight as you'll be taken on a journey across the computer graphics realm as it is taught to post-graduate university students. Through detailed descriptions and hands-on workshops examining all you need to know about rendering queues, vector mathematics, graphics buffers, colour theory, 3D meshes, texture mapping, lighting models and much more. After diving right in and creating your very first shader from scratch, we will begin the lessons by examining how 3D models are structured and how that is used within shader code to colour and display the surface in computer graphics.

You'll discover all the properties of a shader and how they can be controlled in code and via values fed in through Unity's Inspector. Following this, we will examine a variety of lighting models and how lights and surface textures can influence the final look of a render. Included here, an overview of the buffers involved in the rendering queue will be given with practical examples for creating special effects that require more than one draw call. In addition, issues surrounding transparency and blending will be discussed along with many practical hands-on workshops in which students can flex their newfound skills to interrogate the code they write for better understanding.

The next section brings together all the skills learned throughout together, to develop some of the more popular complex shaders including animated plasma and animated water with waves. Finally volumetric shaders are covered in which you will follow along to create special effects such as fake geometry, fog and clouds. This is the best course I've ever taken. It is perfect for me. I worked for 15 years in feature animation. A large part of my career was spent developing shaders for a proprietary renderer. This course has already helped me to bring the value of my previous experience into Unity.

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Best shader course I've come across. There are enough and more tutorials on youtube to teach you how to develop your own shaders, but nothing falls into the class of Penny's tutorials. They are clear and to the point.

Really happy about this one. Thank you so much! If there were 10 stars - this course would deserve it. Going from absolutely knowing nothing about Shader writing to have a profund understanding about it I wanted to let you know that I just finished your shader course and thought it was fantastic. It was a pleasure to take the course and finally get a grasp on a topic that seemed so foreign to me not so long ago.

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