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Roadside assistance 5. Travelling abroad 6. Road fund license 1.

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What documentation will I receive when I have taken delivery of my car? Pay the optional GFV payment and own the vehicle outright. Subject to mileage and condition. Where can I read the terms and conditions? Do I need to do anything with the insurance if the delivery of my car has been delayed? Who is eligible for Insurance? Serious driving convictions will be declined. No driver who has been banned or had a suspended licence at any time in the last 5 years will be insured. Must not have more than 1 Fault or theft claim in the past 3 years Policyholder must have a minimum of two years No Claim Discount [NCD] and be able to evidence this unless Telematics has been applied for.

How much is the insurance Excess?

Please note that partial fault claims are treated as fault claims. Will my policy cover me for driving other cars? End of Contract?


What is the Service plan? If I am due a service at the very end of the contact period will the servicing plan cover this final service? What cover does the Roadside Assistance Plan provide? Can I take my car abroad? How does the payment process for a road fund licence work? What happens if the road fund licence increases in price for the subsequent years? Telematics Device Faqs Use the categories below to find the answers to the most common Telematics Device questions: 1. Installation and fitting the telematics device 2.

Data collection, sharing, and security 3. Accessing and managing your data 4.

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Insurance information 5. Accidents, tampering, and breaking the law 6. Cancellation and faults 1. Installation and fitting the telematics device Will I get a telematics device to install into my car? When will I get the telematics device? How long does it take to fit the unit? Installer-fitted unit: Typically about one hour. Self-installed device: The unit will take you roughly five minutes to fit.

Will the telematics device damage my car? We use the following process to make sure that you and our team have checked your car before and after the installation: A full pre installation check of the vehicle is completed prior to the installation taking place. You will be asked to sign this check which authorises the release of the vehicle for installation. You will be asked to sign this post check which demonstrates to all parties the completed work and vehicle condition are satisfactory following the installation.

Where will I have to go to get the unit fitted? Self-installed device: You fit the device yourself.

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What happens if I bring a different car to my installation appointment? What data are you going to collect? What will you do with the data you collect? Will my information be shared with other organisations? Will my information be shared with the police? How secure is my driving data? Today, many people buying cars on the Internet.

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